Notes for Captains

Each team that has over seven players must supply a referee. We are working to get dedicated referees for the tournament, in which event team referees will be asked to act as line judges to assist the main umpire. However, in the likely event that we are unable to find enough dedicated referees, teams will be asked to provide persons who know the rules and are able to control a game. Obviously, there will be variation in the standard of refereeing, but we ask all captains to impress upon their teams the importance of demonstrating good grace and sportsmanship towards referees and everyone involved in the tournament at all times.

Teams should make some attempt at looking like a team on the field, for ease of play. Please try to arrange some sort of uniform for your team for the competition – shirt, shorts, socks, as much as you can. We will bring a limited number of bibs to ensure that teams with similar uniforms can be distinguished, but please don’t rely on these for the weekend.

Captains are also reminded that all players should wear shoes during play, simply because the fields, though grass, are not very kind on bare feet. We will have some limited first aid available, but all players are ultimately responsible for their own wellbeing. Shoes with metal studs are NOT permitted.

The deadline for payment of tournament fees is Thursday May 10th. Please don’t be late! If you are late in making a complete payment, we may have to cancel your accommodation bookings and/or refuse your entry. We’d hate to have to do that!

Teams may bring their own tents, but in this case will have to pay for the tent site anyway. If your team isn’t prepared to sleep in tents at all, and if you are prepared to be based some distance from the venue (and therefore have to drive home after the party), there are other bungalow sites within 20 minutes drive of Shikoku Saburo no Sato that can possibly be booked. If you want to do either of these things, get in touch with the Tournament Committee. Of course, for convenience, we recommend staying at the main venue.

Next, please look through our cost information to work out the total fees for your team: Costs