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Medical Assistance

Going to the doctor can be stressful, even when you are in your home country. The following information and links may be helpful if you need to locate an English speaking doctor or are looking for medicine.


Ambulance (救急車 – kyukyusha) / Fire (消防署 – shobosho) – TEL: 119

Police (警察署 – keisatsusho) – TEL: 110


List of English speaking doctors in Tokushima.

List of English speaking doctors in other parts of Japan.

Tokushima Prefecture English Medical Portal This website has information on how to set up an appointment, useful expressions, insurance, and more.

M3 Symptom Translator This website allows you to input your symptoms and translates them with helpful pictures for you to show to a doctor. (Select English on the first page.)

More Information:

The AMDA International Medical Information Center is a non-profit service that provides information and translation services for foreign residents. They can assist you with translations if you find yourself in a hospital with only Japanese-speaking staff, and can help explain the Japanese health system. The service is offered in many languages.

Tokyo Center : 03-5285-8088

Kansai Center : 06-4395-0555

English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Thai (Weekdays) 9:00~17:00

The service will be available 9:00~18:00 everyday (Sundays and national holidays included) temporarily as a result of the swine ‘flu epidemic.

Portuguese (Mon, Wed and Fri.) 9:00~17:00

Filipino (Wed.) 13:00~17:00

Japan HIV Centre maintains a staff of trained hotline counselors who provide information and counseling concerning HIV infection and AIDS in Japanese (in 3 cities) and in English (Tokyo).


English Hotline: TOKYO (SAT. 12:00 – 15:00) 03-5259-0256


U.S. Naval Hospital, Yokosuka: 046-826-1911 ext. 7144

U.S. Air Force Hospital, Yokota: 042-552-2511 ext. 57852, emergency room extension: 57740

*This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illnesses or injuries.