Sending Money Home

These are a few of the many methods for sending money back to your home country. Every service has benefits and drawbacks. In broad terms, most of these services listed offer competitive exchange rates, updated daily to reflect the Bank of Japan’s exchange.


送金 そうきん soukin remittance/transfer
送金手数料 そうきんてすうりょう soukin tesuuryou remittance fee
外国向送金 がいこくむけそうきん gaikoku mukesoukin overseas remittance
外国送金 がいこくそうきん gaikoku soukin overseas remittance
Western UnionJapan PostGo Remit


  • Western Union has the lowest rate for under ¥100,000 at ¥2000
  • Transfer can be started 24/7
  • Can be sent from many locations, including 7-11 and FamilyMart ATMs
  • Transfer is instant
  • Great for those with family or trusted friends back home


  • Despite instant transfer, requires a family member or recipient on the other end to physically receive and deposit funds before they are available to you
  • Exchange rate available online, but what rate you will get exactly is unknown until you send.
  • Fees scale, so the rate at other institutions can be better for amounts over approx. ¥100,000

Read more here to find locations or for how to setup an account to use it at ATMs.
Click here for more information on fees.


  • Direct account transfer for ¥2500 + Intermediary bank fee (varies)
  • Money is transferred directly into your account
  • Fees for large amounts are very low
  • No application process at all
  • Also provide Money Orders and Cheques


  • Takes 2-3 business days on average, but up to 5 for funds to arrive.
  • Transfers can only be made until 4pm each day, Mon-Fri at a Japan Post office
  • Requires you to fill out a remittance form at least once by hand. Subsequent visits using printed forms require you to write your address and sign.

More information is available from the JP Post website. (Japanese Only)

For a guide to to send money via the JP Post click here


  • Direct account transfer for ¥2000 + Intermediary bank fee (varies)
  • Money is transferred directly into your account
  • Transfer is near instantaneous
  • Can be done 24/7 from any open ATM via Furikomi
  • Offers daily email updates on their exchange rate


  • Fee is worse than Western Union. Sometimes slightly worse, sometimes slightly better than JP Post due to the intermediary bank fee. Must confirm the banking fee with each.

To apply for GoRemit click here.