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AJET Representatives

Mao Leonard (from January 26th, 2022)
Sports Coordinator, Treasurer, and Web Liaison

Hey y’all!  I’m Mao, and I’m a fourth-year ALT placed in Katsuura Town.  I’ve moved 10 times in my life so I’m not sure where I would consider “home”, but I lived in Texas, USA before coming here.  I play soft volleyball and touch rugby with some of our fellow ALTs, and I love making stickers.

I am in charge of sporting events, such as Field Day and the Shikoku Touch Rubgby Tournament.  I will try my best to plan and execute these events while keeping COVID-19 in mind.  I also manage AJET’s financial affairs. Lastly, I help update the Tokushima AJET website.  If there’s anything that you would like to see on this website, please let me know!

Larissa Hosein (from January 28th, 2022)
Social Chair and External Coordinator

Woi! I’m Larissa from the warm and sunny isles of Trinidad and Tobago. I’m on my second year, placed in Komatsushima. My main hobbies are hiking, steelpan, cooking, reading, watching movies and modelling but I’m open to trying as much things as I can.

I’m the Social Chair and External Coordinator for AJET which means I’m your girl for all things related to events, outreach, PR and such. I do hope that we get to have more events in the near future as we continue to figure out living through a pandemic and I will try my best to plan and execute these events given the circumstances. If you have suggestions for events or need help organizing your own, please feel free to reach out. Also, If you’re from another AJET group and would like to collaborate on anything, please send me a message, we’d love to interact more with the other AJETs out there! You can find me on FB, IG or just message Sudachi-kun on Facebook. Feel free to message me about anything!

Kimberly Spacapan (from February 3rd, 2022)
Internal Coordinator and Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator

Hey everyone! I’m Kim from Vermont, USA. I’ve been living, working, and enjoying the
sweet mikan goodness in Katsuura-cho for five years. I enjoy doing sports like soccer, soft
volleyball, and yoga. However, my main hobbies are baking and cooking. Let me know if
you have any good recipes!

As the Internal Coordinator, I take down the minutes of all the AJET meetings we have. Feel free to ask to check them out in the AJET google docs if you are
ever interested in seeing what we are discussing and working on.

I’m also the Outreach Coordinator that’s in charge of organizing volunteer opportunities for the JET community, including the Christmas parties at CWCs (child welfare centers) around the prefecture. Please let me know if you have any ideas for community outreach and volunteering you’d like to do!

James Hunter Davis (from March 6th, 2022)

Hey folks! I’m James, Tokushima’s resident hillbilly, and I’m a second year ALT from East Tennessee in the United States. I’m most at home in the mountains, so if you ever need a hiking buddy then feel free to give me a shout! Some other hobbies of mine include gaming, reading manga, and studying language. You can find me up in Itano-cho, and you’ll likely be seeing too much of me at the annual Skill Development Conferences (SDCs).

My role in AJET is historian, meaning that my main duty will be collecting photos at different events throughout the year to create a yearbook at the end. I’ll be in attendance to most AJET events, and a lot of social outings, with a camera, so look for me there! I’ll also be helping with general planning of events, so if you ever have any COVID safe ideas, feel free to reach out to me or any of the other AJET members!

Parker Fairchild (from October 7th, 2022)
and Musical Chair

Coming soon!

Past AJET Representatives


from January 2022
Murari Cramer: Co-Historian
Mao Leonard: Sports Coordinator and Web Liason
Larissa Hosein: Social Chair and External Coordinator
Kim Spacapan: Internal Coordinator and Volunteer/Outreach Coordinator
James Davis: Treasurer and Co-Historian

from 2021 to January 2022
Murari Cramer: Historian
Angela Panzica
Jessica Finucane
Tony Consentino


Angela Panzica
Haley Suzuki
Emily Bernier
Murari Cramer

Kulsoom Ahmad: Social Chair and External Coordinator
Ralph Caton: Sports Chair
Israel Lutes: Community Outreach/Volunteer Coordinator and Musical Chair
Capucine Megard: Internal Coordinator and Historian
Robbie Lepp: Treasurer and Web Liaison

Carlo Sangalang
Danielle Yarbrough
Gabrielle Martin
Kayne Tamzin
Rosalie Gunawan