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AJET Representatives

James Hunter Davis
Historian, Internal Coordinator and Volunteer / Outreach Coordinator

Hey folks! I’m James, Tokushima’s resident hillbilly, and I’m a third year ALT from East Tennessee in the United States. I’m most at home in the mountains, so if you ever need a hiking buddy then feel free to give me a shout! Some other hobbies of mine include gaming, reading manga, and studying language. You can find me up in Itano-cho, and you’ll likely be seeing too much of me at the annual Skill Development Conferences (SDCs).

My role in AJET is historian, meaning that my main duty will be collecting photos at different events throughout the year to create a yearbook at the end. I’ll be in attendance to most AJET events, and a lot of social outings, with a camera, so look for me there! I’ll also be helping with general planning of events, so if you ever have any COVID safe ideas, feel free to reach out to me or any of the other AJET members!

Parker Fairchild
Web Resource Liaison and
Musical Chair

Hey all! Parker here. I’m a second year ALT in Tokushima City, originally from Pennsylvania in the United States. I teach at a high school in the city. You can usually find me studying Japanese language, singing too loud at karaoke, or spending too much money at Book-Off. If you wanna talk about music, video games, movies, or manga then I’m you’re guy!

As the Musical Chair, I’m in charge of producing the yearly production of the Tokushima AJET musical. If you’re interested in acting, singing, or dancing please feel free to try out! We also need help with costumes, makeup, props, and backgrounds so anyone can participate if they’d like! As Web Resource Liaison, I’m in charge of managing this website as well as the wesbite for the musical.

Em Geurts
Treasurer and Community Social Chair

Hey everyone, I’m Em! I’m a second year Canadian ALT placed in Ishii-cho. In the past, I’ve taught music in Canada, obtained my TEFL certification in Prague, taught English for 2 years in South Korea, and graduated with a degree in Education. I don’t consider myself an expert by any means, but I love being a teacher (and living abroad!) so feel free to ask me any questions!! Outside of work, my hobbies include gaming (both digital and board games), cosplay, studying languages, and traveling!

My main role in AJET is treasurer, meaning I’m in charge of handling and keeping track of all of AJETs finances. I’m also the social chair, so I’ll be helping to organize events throughout the year, both behind the scenes and at the events themselves. If you have any ideas for events you’d like to see, or just need help spreading the word about an event you’re organizing, please reach out at any time! Lastly, I’m a member of the musical committee. The musical is a great experience, so please don’t be shy to join the crew!! 

Ash Noelck
Co-Historian and Sports Chair

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals, 

I’m Ash and I’m a 3rd year highschool ALT, working in Awa-shi. I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada near The Rocky Mountains and I love all things outdoors. Some of my past times include hiking, camping, kayaking, and motorcycle touring.  I am joining AJET as the new historian, so I’ll be at most events taking pictures for the annual yearbook. I am also involved in the sports committee, and participate in the Sudachi Sportz Club and basically all of the active activities. I am incredibly outgoing, and am happy to help any of my fellow ALTs navigate Tokushima JET life so AMA. 

Tejal Kuray
External Coordinator

Hey all! My name is Tejal (TAY-jull) and I’m a second-year JET from New Jersey, United States. My hobbies include hiking, tabletop gaming, and making art of all kinds. I’m the external coordinator, so I’m responsible for coordinating fun events with other prefectures. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Past AJET Representatives