AJET Representatives

Kulsoom Ahmad : 3rd Year ES/JHS ALT, Tokushima City

Kulsoom Ahmad

3rd Year ES/JHS ALT, Tokushima City

https://www.facebook.com/Kulsoom.a03 kulsoomahmad24@hotmail.com

AJET Social Chair and External Coordinator

Hey there! My name is Kulsoom Ahmad and I'm a 3rd year on JET, as an ALT in Tokushima City. As your Social Chair and External Coordinator, I am eager to bring our community together through engaging social events and activities, both within Tokushima and outside!

Some of my personal interests and hobbies consist of playing board games, painting and drawing, enjoying the outdoors, and traveling. Although I currently reside in Tokushima City, I'm originally from Toronto, Canada, and have a secret obsession with The Weeknd, a well-known singer from Toronto whom I was fortunate enough to see live in Tokyo! Besides The Weeknd, I enjoy listening to a variety of music, from R&B to Bollywood tunes! Just as how my interests vary, I hope to create varying events that will appeal to the variety of personal interests within our community. I would love to hear any suggestions and answer any questions. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or on Facebook. It's time to make another memorable year!


Ralph Canton : 3rd Year HS ALT, Tokushima City

Ralph Canton

3rd Year HS ALT, Tokushima City

https://www.facebook.com/ralph.caton.5 ralphcaton@gmail.com

AJET Community Sports Chair
Hello! 🙂 My name is Ralph Brookes Caton, a Welshman posted in the west of Tokushima City. I'm your Sports Coordinator for this year. So I'll be keeping the Rugby, Soccer, and Field Day events running for next year. I'm keen on playing the piano, soccer and other sports. If you have any ideas for new sporting events please let me know.



Israel Lutes : 2nd year ES/JHS ALT, Mima-shi

Israel Lutes

2nd year ES/JHS ALT, Mima-shi

https://www.facebook.com/israel.lutes izlutes@hotmail.com

AJET Musical Chair and Volunteer/Outreach Chair

Greeting fellow earthlings!

Israel Lutes desu. (Feel free to call me Izzy.) I am your AJET Musical Producer and Outreach Coordinator for this year. I will be in charge of organizing the Tokushima AJET Musical as well as our CWC (Child Welfare Center) visits in December, so please come to me with your interests, ideas, comments, questions, and criticisms. (Take it easy on the criticisms; I am a tender little guy.) I am a second-year JET located in Mima-shi. I hail from Oregon (Peace fellow Oregonians! Whoop! Whoop!), though I have lived in various places around the U.S. and world. I have a thing for smiles and laughter - go figure - and I love deep conversations (oral or written), reading, writing, hiking, and making memories. Let’s enjoy Tokushima together!


Robbie Lepp : 2nd year ES/JHS ALT, Mima-shi

Robbie Lepp

2nd year ES/JHS ALT, Mima-shi

https://www.facebook.com/rtlepp rtlepp@gmail.com

AJET Treasurer and Web Resource Liaison

Hey everyone. I am one of the JETs from Mima-shi, but I live in a very remote village, deep in the mountains, really close to Mount Tsurugi. If you want to know what it is like to teach hundreds of students, I am not your guy, but one-on-one classes, I gotchu. I am from the wonderful country of Canada, Niagara Falls to be exact, and I love living in the mountains here. You know those posts about people who talk only about Harry Potter, that’s basically me. I can and do relate everything back to it. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I don’t drink alcohol so I can be the designated driver.

As the Treasurer, you will be giving me all of your monies… Well at least for the events and activities that you participate in. I am also in charge of our websites and social media. If you notice any problems or would like to see something on there, please let me know and I will see what we can do!



Capucine Megard : 2nd year ES/JHS ALT, Komatsushima-shi

Capucine Megard

2nd year ES/JHS ALT, Komatsushima-shi

https://www.facebook.com/capumegard capucine@megard.com

AJET Historian and Internal Coordinator

Hey guys! I’m the last of Mima-shi’s AJET members! I’m originally from France but I came through the Boston branch for JET. I can speak French, English, and Spanish. I’m quite the geek, so if you ever want to talk about anime or manga, I’m more than happy to chat! I also like exploring new places and traveling, so if you want any recommendations, just ask!
I’m the historian and internal coordinator, which means I’ll be in charge of taking pictures at events and also keeping track of event dates. I look forward to getting to know everyone!