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Teaching Resources

Here we list a few resources that you might find useful for getting started teaching as an ALT in Japan. Each town uses one of a few different textbook options available in Japan. As a result, the grammar points covered at different times of the year will vary, so there is no one-size-fits-all guide we can give you. For lessons from fellow ALTs in Tokushima, always check out the Teamwork Tokushima, released twice a year at our September and January SDCs. We work hard to make each other’s lesson planning a little easier.

Eigo Ganbare lists lessons by school grade level, and grammar point. The lessons on offer a usually ready to go with little explanation, but as with Englipedia, benefit from extra time invested in them.

ISL Collective is a site containing a huge variety of lessons and activities for different seasons and times of year. While it requires registration, both the registration and the downloads on the site are free.

MES-English offers a great selection of flashcards with good images to use in the classroom.

Activity Villiage is a great resource for seasonal things, crafts and small group activities.

The British Council Teaching Resources site is full of public resources developed in affiliation with the BBC in the UK. Full of images, tips, and activity ideas it is an excellent resource to peruse when looking for inspiration or ideas.

TES is another UK resource that is swamped full of flashcards, worksheets, and review activities for a variety of subjects, English included.

Genki English has a collection of picture cards, games, songs, and other resources. While good quality, some material on the site cost money.

Breaking News English uses relatively current events to provide you with worksheets, vocabulary matching, and word practice worksheets, as well as serving for a great source of discussion. Highly recommended.

Handwriting workshops lets you make your own handwriting worksheets for penmanship and script study with your students.

Let’s Teach English is a free site focused on JHS lessons and materials. 

Accessj is another free site with Lessons and materials for JHS and ES. Some material is a little out of date but easily adapted.

Hi, Friends! 1 and 2. The awesome folks at Akita JET translated the MEXT provided lesson plans for Hi Friends on their Wiki. If you are teaching in Elementary and need a basic lesson plan, or your school uses these in the classroom, this wiki has the full English translations for the stock lesson plans, allowing you to hopefully follow along.