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Field Day/Beard Auction

Check out what Field Day and the Beard Auction was like in 2022!

Field Day and the Beard Auction are two of AJET’s biggest events of the year. Both events are held in early November on the same day. Field Day is usually takes place at Mino Health and Shelter Park in Miyoshi City, and Burns Night is usually held at the log house at Minoda Camping Village, which is about a 15 minute drive from the field.

What to expect: Field Day
Everyone meets at the field in Miyoshi City in the morning to play games and sports. It doesn’t matter whether you are athletic or not. We just want everyone to meet each other and have fun! A fee is collected in the beginning to cover the cost of materials and the rental fee of the field. We take a break around noon to have lunch and chat. Then, we resume playing sports until the afternoon and pack up. Although there’s a shower at the log house where the Beard Auction takes place, many people go to Minoda no Yu, which is an onsen that’s near the log house.

What to expect: Beard Auction
After Field Day and dinner, we meet at the log house in the evening to hold an auction in order to raise money to buy Christmas presents for children living in child welfare centers (CWCs).  In December, we hold Christmas parties for the children at CWCs and pass out the presents. An initial donation is collected from those participating in this event. This event is called the Beard Auction since it is common for people with facial hair to allow the highest bidders to shave them however they want. However, you don’t need facial hair to participate. In the past, people have auctioned off physical items (baked goods, alcohol, stuffed animals) and services (1 hour violin lesson, photoshoot). Almost every year, JETs help raise over ¥100,000 in donations for CWC visits. Don’t forget to bring your cash!

Note that there are spaces available for those who want to stay overnight at the log house after the Beard Auction.