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AJET Events

Here is a list of events that AJET typically holds annually.

January: Burns Supper (canceled for 2023 due to the Tokushima Alert being Level 2. There will be small group dinners instead)
March: Tokushima AJET Musical (preparation for the musical is year-round)
June: AJET Cup Touch Rugby Tournament
July: Sayonara party for departing JETs
October: White-water rafting
November: Field Day and Beard Auction
December: CWC visits

In addition to these events, we have also organized the following in the past:

・Item swaps
・Valentine’s Day gift exchange
・Game nights (in-person and online)
and more!

Note about COVID-19 and Events

AJET has decided that we will only hold certain kinds of events based on the current Tokushima Alert level at the time of planning and holding the events.

Level 1: There will be no limit to the kind of events we hold, including overnight events and events with a larger number of attendees.
Level 2: We will only hold small indoor events or events that can be held outside to allow social distancing. We won’t organize any overnight events.
Level 3+: We will abstain from holding any in-person events until the alert level decreases. We will try to organize online events if possible.

Disclaimer: There may be some instances where we don’t follow this guide. For example, in the case that the Tokushima Alert level is raised after we organize an event that is nonrefundable, we may still go through with the event.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to see you at our next event!