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2022-2023 Musical: The Little Mermaid

After three long years since the cancelation of The Wizard of Oz musical in 2020 due to COVID-19, the annual Tokushima AJET musical will finally be held again this year! This year’s production will be The Little Mermaid.

We are still in need of cast and crew members. Also, there are many things we need to do in preparation for the musical, such as making costumes and props, spreading the word to schools, and securing locations for rehearsals. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please reach out to us via Facebook or email and join our Facebook group!

This year’s shows:

Saturday, March 4th @ Ishii Town Chuo Kominkan
Sunday, March 5th @ Kitajima Sousei Hall
Sunday, March 12th @ Katsuura Town Noson Kankyo Kaizen Center
Saturday, March 18th @ Wakimachi Odeonza

Check out the AJET calendar to see the times and locations of our rehearsals.