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The breakdown of costs for playing participants is summarized below. All figures are given in yen.

Players Fee – includes fields & prizes




NOTE: There will be no food, drinks, etc provided for the BBQ this year, so you will not be charged for this, but will need to bring your own food to cook.

Additional to this per person fee is the cost of accommodation. Shikoku Saburo no Sato has a  limited number of bungalows and plenty of space for tents. If required, there are also other nearby locations where bungalows are available. The costs of accommodation, per night, to be  divided amongst participants at the team’s discretion, are summarized below.

Bungalow – max. 7 people**

Tent site – fits 2 tents

Tent rental – max. 5 people

Extra blanket rental

Shikoku Saburo no Sato fee

12560 per night

3650 per night

1560 per tent

200 per blanket

830 per head per night

**The bungalows are big enough for 7, but the bedding provided is only enough for 5. Teams wanting to sleep more than 5 in a bungalow must bring their own gear to sleep the extra bodies on the floor.

As an example, a group of 10 people might calculate their accommodation expenses for one night as follows:

10 people – 7 in bungalow, 3 in a tent
Bungalow = 12560
Tent site = 3650
Tent rental = 1560
10 people x 830 yen fee = 8300
TOTAL = 26070   >>   2607 per head if split evenly

Other combinations of group numbers and tents make for slight variations, but the average cost per head for one night is 1900 yen. Therefore, a playing participant pays, on average, a total of about 4400 yen to participate in the tournament, and a supporter is looking at around 1900 yen to cover accommodation. If teams arrive early, on Friday night, they will need to add the expense of another night’s  accommodation to the total.

Teams will be invoiced AS A TEAM and the Tournament Committee asks captains to submit the TOTAL PAYMENT by the payment deadline, Friday May 10th. Any questions regarding payment should be addressed at the earliest opportunity.

Expenses that are covered in the tournament fee include:

  • Field bookings, equipment for play, insurance
  • Accommodation for teams
  • Food and drinks for the BBQ Party
  • Participant Tournament Packs
  • Prizes – trophies, shirts, equipment

Participants will be expected to pay separately for:

  • Transport to and from Shikoku Saburo no Sato
  • Other transport as necessary – to shopping, onsen, other fields
  • Food and drink other than the BBQ party – breakfast, lunch, alcohol, etc.

How to make the payment

Please note that due to changes in tournament leadership this year, the payment will also be processed differently than it has been in the past.

Please be careful to make your payment to the new bank account for the Shikoku University AJET Touch Rugby Tournament. The details are as follows:

Bank & Branch: Awa Bank, Showa-cho Branch (阿波銀行 昭和町支店) Account number: Savings account 1364613(普通預金1364613)

Account holder: Hideaki Higuchi, the Shikoku University AJET cup touch rugby tournament accountant(四国大学カップAJETタッチラグビー大会・会計 樋口英昭)

Please first double confirm the payment amount with an AJET member via, then send a 振り込み bank transfer to this account by May 10th. 

If you have any questions or run into difficulties, please let us know as soon as possible.

Here’s some more information the accommodations: Accommodation Facilities