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The following is a calendar that lists AJET and non-AJET events and festivals. If you know of anything that could be added to this calendar, please let us know!

One of the many things AJET helps do in Tokushima is to organize activities and events throughout the year to bring JETs together and to get us involved in our community. In Tokushima, for most recent years these events may include the following:

This list however is only an outline. Some smaller events may not occur every year due to weather or not enough interest, and many events not listed here will happen. Events listed here can be and often are organized by those not on AJET as well, so if you have a strong interested in helping, volunteer to run it! If you want to host an event not listed here, or make people aware of a community event, please do! You need no one’s permission, but you can always reach out to AJET if you are in need of a bit of help or some advice.

If your event is meant to be public and you want to draw in foreigners and locals, consider sharing it in Tokushima Social Scene. This is a public group based around sharing events with others in Tokushima.