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Sponsors & Prizes

Sponsors & Prizes

Major sponsors of the 2020 Shikoku University AJET Cup Touch Rugby Tournament are:

  • Shikoku University
  • Kenshoukai
  • Otsuka Pharmaceuticals
  • The Meat Guy
  • Hanayoshi Flower Shop
  • Itogawa Eye Clinic
  • Kanoko Liquor Store

This AJET Games tournament is also supported by:

  • NHK
  • Terebi Tokushima
  • Shikoku Housou
  • FM Tokushima
  • Tokushima Shimbun

We would also like to thank Shikoku Saburo no Sato for their helpful
assistance throughout the organisation of this event.

Every participating player will receive a Tournament Pack – a canvas bag
containing sponsors’ information – and there will be a limited amount of
free sports drinks allocated to each team, too.

Please carefully read the rules of play for the tournament: Summary of Rules