Prefectural Advisors

To assist JETs with adapting to life in a new country, the JET Programme designates a few JETs in each Prefecture as Prefectural Advisors.

Certain ALTs, CIRs, and Japanese local government employees serve as prefectural advisors in each host prefecture/designated city and often work in the prefecture or designated city’s international affairs division or board of education. They can provide useful information for JET participants and contracting organisations, however JET participants should contact their contracting organisation before contacting a prefectural advisor.


Listed below are the current Prefectural Advisors for the JET Programme in Tokushima, along with methods to contact them, as well as a short bio.

Sydney Bartig : Prefectural Advisor and CIR

Sydney Bartig

Prefectural Advisor and CIR (Tuesday&Friday) or

Hello everyone! My name is Sydney (yes, like the city in Australia). My hometown is Flint, Michigan. Michigan is known for the Great Lakes, so if you like swimming and nature, I would definitely recommend visiting at least once! I am working as a CIR (Coordinator for International Relations) at the prefectural office and TOPIA (Tokushima Prefectural International Exchange Association). I am also a PA (prefectural advisor) so feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Nico Bohnsack : Prefectural Advisor and CIR

Nico Bohnsack

Prefectural Advisor and CIR (Wednesday and Friday) or

Moin (Good morning, Hello, Good evening)! I was born and grew up in Lower Saxony (Germany) which is also a partner state of Tokushima-ken and the only state in Germany which both features mountain chains and the ocean. I used to live in Hamburg as well and have been studying and working in Japan for about 4 years, mainly in Osaka, the takoyaki party center of Japan. I work in the prefectural office and at TOPIA (Tokushima Prefectural International Exchange Association) as a CIR (Coordinator for International Relations), and I am your PA (Prefectural Advisor) as well. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns. Bis bald (See you soon)!


*PAs can be contacted VIA Facebook but please refrain from contacting them during non-work hours if it is not an emergency. Cell phone numbers are provided for emergencies only. Do not share the PAs phone numbers without their consent.

Other contact numbers: TOPIA: 088-656-3303, Prefectural Office: 088-621-2092