Competition Format

The 2018 Eishinsha Cup AJET Games Touch Rugby Tournament is open to mixed teams of 6 playing members, with any number of substitutes. Teams may be composed of any combination of international and Japanese players, but there must be at least one female player on the field at any one time. If a team cannot field a female player, rather than being disqualified, that team must play with only 5 people on the field.

Tries scored by male players will be worth 1 game point. Tries scored by female players or veteran players will be worth 2 game points.

About 15 teams will participate in this year’s tournament. Matches will be distributed across both days of the weekend. We will divide the 15 teams into three pools of 5 and run a full round-robin on the Saturday, in which each team will play 4 games of 20 minutes duration (with half-time).

Teams will be ranked according to the round-robin results, whereupon the top 5 teams will go into the 1st Tier Champions Round, the next 5 teams will go into the 2nd Tier Champions Round, and the final 5 teams will go into the 3rd Tier Champions Round on Sunday. So your performance on Saturday matters, but if you don’t make the cut for the 1st Tier Champions Round, there is still plenty of footy to be had on Sunday.

The Champions Round will again be a 5-team round-robin, in which each team will play 4 games of 15 minutes duration (no half-time). At the end of the round-robin, the tournament organizers may opt to have a Grand Final play-off, else the top-ranked team from the round-robin will be declared champions.

A complete schedule of games will be distributed to each team captain upon arrival at the venue.

Regarding the points system for the round-robin:

  • a WIN is worth 4 competition points
  • a DRAW is worth 2 competition points
  • a LOSS is worth 0 competition points

BONUS POINTS will be distributed under the following circumstances:

  • Loss by only 1 game point – add 1 competition point
  • Scoring 4 TRIES (not points) or more in one game, whether you win or lose – add 1 competition point

At the end of the round-robin, if more than one team has the same competition points, teams will be ranked firstly according to greater number of WINS, then according to lower number of LOSSES, then according to game point difference (points for and points against).

Our Schedule Rundown is on the next page.

Good luck to all teams! See you in June!